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Dahl House

You found me!

I am the Dahl house!

Built in 1879, by Martin Dahl, I am an example of the late Second Empire style home. I have a French or curb roof. (4 sided roof characterized by 2 slopes on each side with the lower slope punctuated by dormer windows). The mansion has 5 rooms on the first floor, 6 on the second, and a ballroom on the third. Town dances were held in the ballroom, where you could look out over the baseball fields. They even had a 5 hole-er out back!

Dahl immigrated from Norway and made his fortune as an investment farmer, blacksmith and civic leader. The blacksmithing shop was located in the 700 block of West Main St. (NW corner of Main and River, across from the A&W) Martin along with son Albert made all of the locks for the State Prison!

The home and property were once owned by the Rens family, here they operated a dairy, (where the current garage sits) Purchased in 1968 by Jim and Harriet Laird. You may remember touring this home on a field trip from school. The home has two separate water sources inside. A cistern under the floor in the back room and a well under the kitchen.

The Dahl House is on the National Register of historic places.

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