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Downtown Memorial Day Window Walk

We are honored to partner with twenty-four downtown businesses to share the stories of nearly 80 soldiers who died in the service of the United States between the Civil War and the War on Terror.  As Waupun's historical institution, we recognize the vital role we play in reminding our community why we celebrate Memorial Day.  Their lives, service, and sacrifice will not be forgotten.


Fox Computer & Networking

Fox Computer & Networking features the introduction to the walk,  a complete list of participating businesses, and acknowledgements.


Leslie Bentley | WWII
Charles Heideman | WWI
Henry L. Chapin | Civil War
Ora Martin | WWI

Imagine That Art Studio

Derk Derksen | WWII
Patrick Drum | Civil War
Adoniram Pillsbury | Civil War

Stone + Suede

Benjamin Vande Zande | WWII
Johannes Julson | Civil War
John Wooden | Civil War
Ambrose Konter | WWII

REACH Waupun

Jerald Hull | WWII
Leon Tew | WWI
Robert Lind | WWII
Lyle Snyder | WWII

Chester Hazen | WWI
Harland Palmer | WWII
Rachel Bosveld | Iraq War

Jud's Bowling

Alonzo Clement | Civil War
John Visser | WWI
James Neubauer | Vietnam War
Dan Getchel | WWI

The Clothing Pallet

Andrew Clement | Civil War
Andrew J. Dutton | Civil War
Philemon Perry | Civil War
Donald Witt | WWII

Real Sportscards - WI

Walter Brinkerhoff | WWII
Holsey Miles | Civil War
Ole Sorensen | Civil War

Brooks Shoes and Repair

Russell Crowe | WWII
Uriah A. Ensign | Civil War
David Purdie | Civil War

Front Edge, Inc.

Duane Nelson | WWII
Curtis Jacobs | Civil War
James Ramel | Korean War

Wind & Unwined

Andy Westhuis | WWI
Charles Hazen | Civil War

House to Home Properties, LLC

Ora Martin | WWI
John Karel | WWI

Club Fitness

Clifford Vanderbush | WWII
Evan T. Grace | Civil War
Andrew Schow | Civil War
Plummer Bray | Civil War

Werner-Harmsen Furniture

Hendrik de Hartog | WWII
Ralph Ferris | Civil War
Edmund Pillsbury | Civil War

Modern Merchantile

Cornelius Vander Galien | WWII
Fred L. Hanger | WWI

The Parlor Hair Boutique

Paul Lemke | WWII
Christian Jacobson | Civil War

Main Street Bistro & Bakery

Martin Fieldstad | Civil War
Bernard Vanderbosch | WWI
Frank Trilling | WWII
Josiah G. Babbitt | Civil War

Viaggio, LLC

Ethan Allen | Spanish-American War
John W. Gee | Civil War

Rock River Eyewear

William Staehling | WWII
Charles M. Comstock | Civil War

Gysbers Jewelry

Klass Visser | WWII
Harold TerBeest

Blue Heron Home

Raymond Smith | WWII
William Flanders | WWI
Bert G. Flanders | Spanish -American War
Lewis D. Batterson | Civil War

Link's Martial Arts

Henry Landaal | WWII
Charles Clement | Civil War
LaVerne Shaw | WWII

Reiki Essentials

Calvin Rens | WWII
Soloon Gowin | Civil War
William P. Ware | Civil War
Robert Belter | WWII

Green Collar Grooming

Walter Weinberger | WWII
Andrew Clement | Civil War
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