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Since 1956, the Waupun Historical Society has been preserving Waupun's history.  Since 1971, the Society has been exhibiting objects donated by members of the community in the Waupun Heritage Museum. 


The Waupun Historical Society reorganized in 2020, thoughtfully combing through our collection, and pondering our purpose, mission, and larger role in the community.  Since then, the Waupun Historical Society has rededicated itself to sharing Waupun's stories, engaging the public, and inspiring the next generation of community members.  We invite you to join us on our journey of discovery, story-telling, and thoughtful dialogue.  

What We Do

The Waupun Heritage Museum hosts thoughtful exhibitions revealing the rich history of Waupun. We enjoy preserving the community's stories and sharing them with all who walk through our doors. 



Waupun Historical Society volunteers enjoy bringing the stories of our city out from our four walls and into the community.  Our special events like our cemetery walk every fall are local favorites where we highlight little-known people and long-forgotten tales of Waupun lore.  


Collections Research

We care for a collection of around 25,000 objects, and each one tells a story.  Our volunteers contribute to our city by rediscovering the hidden tales from our past through researching the artifacts, photographs, and documents in care.  We frequently assist with genealogy property research. 

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